Extend the convenience of smart control to your exterior lights and devices—perfect for turning on holiday displays from inside or activating the perfect patio with one touch. Available in seven variations with high-power LED module available in three light colors and glare ratings. A perfectly coordinated lighting system that harmonises function, design and technology. In the midst of nature, the Sonnenalp Resort is a shining example of outstanding lighting concepts. In the midst of nature, you can see the impressive building from afar, which gives you a homley feeling as soon as you enter.

As it increased in popularity, people began requesting wooden lighting as well. Secto Design now focuses exclusively on handmade wooden lighting, from pendants and ceiling lights to floor and table lamps. The light is warm, aided by the hue and organic feel of the wood. It’s a beautiful combination that exemplifies Finnish design aesthetics and principles. Scandinavian lighting is made up of table lamps, floor lamps, and pendant lamps made by Scandinavian brands. Scandinavian lighting is characterized by clean lines and a focus on warm, diffuse light that feels closer to candlelight than to harsh, neon lighting.


Our collection of lighting brings new perspectives on the typologies of pendant, table, floor and wall lamps, allowing for them to complement any setting of the modern home. The Flowerpot, produced by &Tradition and designed by Verner Panton, is a classic of 60s lighting. Fun, with a sense of humor and a unique take on proportions, it has been beloved since its arrival.

Well thought out lighting will illuminate your singular style, and can also complete an entire room. Weigh the different types of lamps, mounts, pendants and sconces. Get to know many more application possibilities of SLV products on real projects.

Start with a pre-designed space & add or remove products to customize it & make it all your own. A small lamp that’s ideal for gardens, balconies, kids’ rooms, or anywhere you need a bit of light. The design is playful and organic – it looks a bit like a mushroom – and it comes in a range of color options.

Bedding & Bath

An accent chair with any of our floor lamps can create a cozy reading nook. A desk lamp is ideal for your home office work space or for additional lighting at your desk. Bedroom lamps or wall sconces are another way to add brightness to an area that needs task lighting. Bedroom table lamps, or nightstand lamps, are available in many styles, and can add the look and the light you need. Another helpful option is to have touch lamps bedside to make it easy to turn on the light.

On October 21, 1879, Edison lighted a lamp containing a carbonized thread for the filament. Later he learned that filaments of carbonized visiting card paper would give several hundred hours’ life. Soon carbonized چراغ سقفی توکار was found acceptable and was used as the filament material. Extruded cellulose filaments were introduced by Swan in 1883. You’ve spent a lot of time and effort furnishing your home—why leave that hard work in the dark?


With an ever-growing array of colorful and playful interior design goods and furniture, HAY has quickly become the new face of Danish design. Their 2017 collaboration with IKEA was a massive success, cementing the brand as a global trend-setter. With an eye to promoting the Scandinavian ideal of lighting – low, warm lights that bring a sense of coziness – as well as an ability to bring modern trends to their sleek styles. Scandinavian lighting is among the most sought-after design in the world.

If not, your lamps might create an unflattering circle that directs all light towards the middle of the room. And it’s always ready to help you read a book, slice a carrot or grab your blue socks. We have lots of lamps and lights to make your home brighter, especially energy-saving ones for a brighter future, too.

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